The AD Disaster Relief Foundation enables the AD community to support one another's people when disasters strike.

When one of our members or suppliers is going through a major hardship or disaster in their company and community, there are many of us who would like to help. But oftentimes we don’t always know how or whom to help.

It’s in this spirit, and to solve this problem, that we’ve created the AD Disaster Relief Foundation.

What It Is

The AD Disaster Relief Foundation is a new 501(C)3 corporation that is intended to provide you with a tax-deductible avenue for you to help our AD families. Donors will be able to give both monetary support and in-kind donations (i.e. building materials, generators, cleaning supplies etc.).

We only get a certain amount of opportunities in life to make a difference. This is one of them.

– Bill Weisberg, Chairman & CEO, AD


Once disaster strikes, members who are operating in impacted communities will be eligible to apply for a grant from the AD Disaster Relief Foundation. Member or supplier employees can apply for grants for themselves, for their employees and co-workers or other folks in their community. Each grant application will undergo an independent review process where the need is assessed. Once their application is given the green light, we alert the potential grantee that their request will anonymously be posted on ADFoundation.com and we will alert the AD community that there is an urgent need of support. As the Foundation collects donations, a check and/or in-kind donations will be sent directly to individuals or sent to an AD member or supplier delegate who will then be responsible for delivering the check and/or products.

What we will fund

• Any costs resulting from a natural or man-made disaster

What we will not fund

• Non-disaster related health needs
• Education or scholarships

Thanks to the generous support of the Weisberg Family Foundation for underwriting 100% of the costs associated with the administration of the AD Disaster Relief Foundation.

If you live or work in an area affected by a disaster, apply for a grant for yourself or for your employees or co-workers in need. Click on the link below to get the application process started.